Stupendous React Hooks Libraries.

Stupendous React Hooks Libraries.

Discover some stupendous React Hooks Library — use-http, Redux Hooks, useMedia, React Hook Form, Constate, React Router Hooks, React Query.

Hooks in React have been life-changing for React developers they provide a simple elegant way to write code that is more readable and maintainable. There are only a few handfuls of hooks provided by React depending on our use case we create custom hooks.

Before creating your own custom hooks library, you can refer to the following React hooks libraries to help your project.

1. React Query

Github Docs

Hooks to fetch, store, and update data asynchronously in React. It contains self-managed, always up-to-date declarative queries and mutations that directly improve your developer and user experience.


  • Transport/protocol/backend agnostic data fetching (REST, GraphQL, promises, whatever!)

  • Auto Caching + Refetching (stale-while-revalidate, Window Refocus, Polling/Realtime)

  • Parallel + Dependent Queries

  • Mutations + Reactive Query Refetching

  • Multi-layer Cache + Automatic Garbage Collection

  • Paginated + Cursor-based Queries

  • Load-More + Infinite Scroll Queries w/ Scroll Recovery

  • Request Cancellation

  • React Suspense + Fetch-As-You-Render Query Prefetching

  • Dedicated Devtools.

2. React Use

Github Docs

React use has a collection of essential React Hooks for managing devices sensors, UI controls, animations, side-effects, Lifecycle, State, and more

3. useHttp

Github Docs

It is an awesome package that is used as the replacement for Fetch API


  • SSR (server-side rendering) support

  • TypeScript support

  • 2 dependencies (use-ssr, urs)

  • GraphQL support (queries + mutations)

  • Provider to set default URL and options

  • Request/response interceptors

  • React Native support

  • Aborts/Cancels pending HTTP requests when a component unmounts

  • Built-in caching

  • Persistent caching support

  • Suspense(experimental) support

  • Retry functionality

4. useMedia


The react-sensor hook monitors the state of a CSS media query. There needs to be a simple solution to this as media queries are extremely important to the responsiveness of any app or website.

5. React Hooks Form

Github Docs

React Hooks for form state management and validation (Web + React Native). It reduces the amount of code you need to write while removing unnecessary re-renders.


  • Built with performance, UX, and DX in mind

  • Embraces native HTML form validation

  • Out-of-the-box integration with UI libraries

  • Small size and no dependencies

  • Support Yup, Zod, AJV, Superstruct, Joi, Vest, class-validator, io-ts, nope, and custom build

6. Redux Hooks

Github Docs

Redux is a most popular state management library, most of all already using Redux. Redux Hooks offers an alternative to HOC (Higher Order Component) pattern with the existing connect() method. Redux Hooks made a simple way to connect to the store, fetch data, and dispatch action. Let’s see it.

Popular Redux Hooks -

  • useSelector

  • useDispatch

  • useStore

7. Constate


It let create local states using React Hooks and use it as a React Context only when needed with minimum effort


Hooks are reusable, clean and simple functionality that you can integrate into your workflow. They offer a lot of possibilities for different uses, so you don't have to build them from scratch.

There are many other hook libraries. I chose only the most popular and well-maintained ones. If I missed a good library, write it in the comments section.

thank you for reading..!!